66 Teachings of Jesus – Part 1

The Beatitudes:  How To Be Happy According To Jesus

Matthew 5: 1-12

1 – Happiness is a by-product of knowing God.

2 – True humility is about promoting God, not self.

3 – Happiness is discovered when we sacrifice the present for the future.

4 – Happiness is discovered when we sympathize with those who suffer.

5 – Happiness is discovered when we sorrow for our sins.

6 – Happiness is discovered when we suffer the losses and crosses of life.

7 – Meekness is the biblical way to blessing from God.

8 – The spiritually hungry and thirsty person will be satisfied.

9 – Happiness is found in serving others.

10 – Giving mercy – love extended when it’s not deserved – makes us happy.

11 – To be truly happy, we must be holy throughout.

12 – Those experiencing peace with God will be blissful, joy-filled, and ecstatic people.

13 – The peacemakers are the happy people.

14 – Persecution for righteousness sake produces joy.




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