66 Teachings of Jesus – Part 2

The Sermon On The Mount:  How To Live According To Jesus

Matthew 5:12 – 7:27

15 – We are to be the preserving salt in a decaying world.

16 – As light, we are to share the light of truth in a dark world.

17 – We can live up to the Law by surrendering our lives to Christ.

18 – We are called to take the first step toward reconciliation.

19 – It is always the right time to be reconciled to a brother.

20 – Resolving broken relationships brings true freedom in Christ.

21 – Lust sees people as throw away objects; love sees God’s image in them.

22 – God instituted marriage as part of His plan for mankind.

23 – We should not allow our marriages to be broken apart.

24 – Jesus warns us to be sure that whatever we say is the truth.

25 – Whenever we are willing to absorb an insult, we stop the cycle of retaliation.

26 – We manifest the love of God when we overlook an offense.

27 – Jesus reminded His hearers that God has called us to love, not to hate.

28 – Christ tells us to pray for those who persecute us.

29 – When we act in love toward those that hate us, we glorify God.

30 – Christ warns us to make sure our righteous acts are genuine, our motives true.

31 – If we pray privately from our heart, He will hear and reward openly.

32 – All earthly wealth is subject to ruin; treasures in heaven can’t become ruined.

33 – The eternal things we have invested in will be part of our account in heaven.

34 – The reality of life is who we are in Christ, not the externals.

35 – Our lives are eternal and valuable in God’s sight.

36 – When we invest ourselves and our treasure in Him, God takes care of our needs.

37 – Be concerned about the souls of others; judging tears people down.

38 – “The Golden Rule” is the principle of conduct for followers of Jesus.

39 – We need to take the resource of Jesus’ love and use it to love others.

40 – Jesus wants His followers to avoid the wide gate and enter into the narrow.

41 – Joy comes from knowing we have life in Christ.

42 – One can be outwardly conformed to Jesus’ principles, but inwardly opposed.

43 – Real believers produce strong evidence of their faith in their lives.

44 – We are to be faithful to the Bible, we can only echo it, not recreate it.

45 – There are only two foundations for our lives: God or self.

46 – Without time in the Word, there is no depth to our foundation.



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