66 Teachings of Jesus – Part 3

The Lord’s Prayer:  Prayer – The Great Adventure

Matthew 6:5-13 & Matthew 7:7-11

47 – You can’t pray, “My Father,” If He isn’t your Father through your acceptance of Christ as your Savior.

48 – Becoming God’s children gives us direct access to God by the Holy Spirit.

49 – God expects the reverence that derives from His holiness; hallow His name.

50 – Jesus’ kingdom and righteous rule will ultimately be established on earth.

51 – It is liberating to pray priorities and allow God freedom to do what He wants.

52 – We are all totally dependent upon the Lord for the daily supply of our needs.

53 – If you have what you need an you have God, you have everything.

54 – Every day, we are to deal with the issue of forgiveness in our praying.

55 – Because God has forgiven us, we are free to forgive others.

56 – God will allow us to be tested in order to reveal our heart.

57 – The prayer not to bring us tests becomes a confession of our own weakness.

58 – Danger is constant and always around us; ask the Deliverer for deliverance.

59 – He is a delivering God who delights to hear His children pray for deliverance.

60 – Our praise doxology recognizes God’s sovereignty, power, majesty, eternity.

61 – God is both the God of glory and the God who walks through your life to help.

62 – People who know God are to be praying and presenting their requests.

63 – Christ gave us three imperatives in prayer: ask, seek, knock!

64 – Jesus gave us a promise to certainty:  He will hear and respond.

65 – We sometimes forget that God wants to answer our prayers.

66 – God wants to teach us to wait on Him through persistent praying.



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