Christians Sharing Their Health Care – Save Hundreds Every Month!

I helped start a small business over 10 years ago.  Five of us started a small business after leaving a publicly traded corporation.  Of course, health insurance and benefits were not part of our endeavor.  We all had to pay for our own health insurance.  This was before Obama and when health insurance was a reputable and affordable thing.  Over the past twelve years the price of health insurance premiums and deductibles has become ridiculous.  So ridiculous, that it makes absolutely no sense at all to pay the extremely high monthly premiums, and then be faced with the thousands of dollars that you have to pay in deductibles before you can even use your coverage.

Twelve years later and now the head of a family of four, my health insurance premiums were going to be $1,500 a month with a family deductible of $12,000.  That means that I had to pay $1,500 per month to then come out of pocket $12,000 before my “insurance” kicked in.  This insane process repeats itself every year.  This is absolute madness!

Obviously this insanity sent me searching for other options to cover my family and I through sickness, emergency and critical care.  Well, thanks to God and the path many believers are taking I have found affordable care for myself and my family for less than $500!

If you too are faced with a similar situation, the company that I found can help you too!  Simply fill out the form below to have a representative call you directly and present to you an affordable way to cover you and your family’s health!

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