D-Link Day & Night Wi-Fi Camera!

Recently my neighbors decided to hire a nanny to look after their children during the day while they were at work.  They are new to the area and got settled in shortly after the registration for most of the local preschools had ended.  Keeping their kids at home during the day was important to them.  So hiring a traveling nanny worked great for their need.

Like most young adults these days, technology is something that most can not live without.  Separating themselves from their devices is like pulling teeth.  Whether it is their tablet, smart phone, laptop, all of these devices allow them to instantly communicate with their friends.  Unfortunately for their generation, these devices are often a distraction and distractions are bad when your full attention is required for tasks.

After a few months of the young nanny looking after the kids my neighbors began to wonder if their new hire was truly interacting with their children.  Was she doing arts and crafts with them, playing and laughing, challenging them with their toys? Or was she spending her time throughout the day entertaining herself?

Well thanks to D-Link Day & Night Wi-Fi camera with remote viewing, they were able to get their questions answered.  As a gift for father, they decided to purchase a camera and install it in their home and monitor the nanny’s daily activities.  To their surprise there were no daily activities.  The nanny was spending nearly 100% of her time being distracted.  She was literally addicted to her smart phone.  She was totally neglecting their children during the days that they monitored her.  This was unacceptable and was a real heartbreak.  Knowing their children were not getting the interaction they deserve!

Thanks for the D-Link Day & Night Wi-Fi camera with remote viewing, this mom and dad were able to protect their children’s interest.  They removed the nanny that was more interested in entertaining herself than interacting with their children!  This gift for father was a home run!

If you have a situation where you need to monitor your house or apartment or living space, visit Amazon and order your D-Link Day & Night Wi-Fi camera with remote viewing and start watching!



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