Let’s Go Fishing Game – Great For Child Development!

Games for children can be bought everywhere these days.  So many games to choose from as parents.  Games that teach color and numbers, games that can be played with individually or shared games.  Purposeful games that help children develop milestones in their growth path.  Many of these games are new to the market and lots of other games that have been around for years proven to be a great choice for your children.

During our Christmas shopping season for our little one we choose the classic game, Let’s Go Fishing!  This has been a really good choice so far as we have watched her use patience.  She’s been challenged with her hand eye coordination along with timing her moves as she dips the little pole into the small color fish of her choice.  There are several ways this game can be “played” if you are truly a rule follower.  Depending of the age of your child, this is a great game for teaching and improving physical and mental development.  Improvement of fine motor skills will definitely be achieved as they use their small fishing poles.  It also stimulates their brain and rewards them with success from achieving their goal of catching the fish.

There are 21 small plastic fish that when the game is turned on rotate in a circle opening and closing their mouths.  The children use small plastic fishing poles lowering down into the fish mouths.  Timing their moves correctly they will catch each fish one by one.  Older children who play this game will keep score.  The one who catches the most fish wins.  Younger children will simply have fun catching fish of a specific color.  Regardless of how your child interacts with this game, there are several ways to have fun with this Let’s Go Fishing game.

One child therapist explains from their blog how they use the game with their patients here.



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