Build A Bear – A Great Family Outing & Special Treat For Daughter!

My wife has been talking about this Build A Bear workshop for a while now.  She has been very excited about providing my daughter with a teddy bear that has a recording of her voice in it.  She wants to provide this for our daughter when she goes into the hospital to give birth to our newest daughter.  While she will be in the hospital out little girl’s bedtime routine is going to be changed as my wife sings to her after we read books.  Now my daughter can here her mother’s bedtime lullaby through her new stuffed pink friend!

Our local mall has a Build A Bear workshop that we were fortunate enough to go to without traveling too far.  The idea of this business is provide children with a place to come pick out a teddy bear, animal troll princess, cartoon character etc. that is without stuffing.  Then allow them to be involved in the stuffing, naming, dressing it and even bathing it.  Before selecting your new friend, parents or children can record a 20 second voice recording of their choice that will be inside their stuffed friend and activated by pressing their paw.  Once selecting the bear, animal, troll, princess, cartoon character etc. it is now time to stuff it.

At this workshop there are large bins full of stuffing so the children can participate and help “Build the Bear”.  They step on this small peddle that turns the bin and controls the rate of stuffing flow.  From there it’s time to wash and clean the bear.  Not literally, but there is a cute station with combs and brushes so that the children can pretend to wash their new stuffed friend.

At this point the children and fully involved and their interests are a high peak.  The children are now able to move along to the next section where they choose a name for their new friend and name it.  Entering their new friend’s name into the computer specially designed for children.  After naming their new friend there is a great section where the children pick out clothes of all kinds and dress it.  The cutest thing are the underwear specially designed for bears, with a small hole in the rear for their tail!

If you are a dad or mom and have one of these Build A Bear workshops near you, it is a great way to spend the afternoon with your family!  It is a great opportunity to take your children and create new memories by giving them the chance to create a new friend they can hug and snuggle with as they grow.  If you are a friend or family member and want to give this gift to someone you know and love you can get them a Build A Bear gift card.  This gift for father or gift for mom will definitely bring joy to them and provide them with a wonderful memory with their children!



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