Father Making Wonderful Memories!

Our Heavenly Father choose language as our primary way of communicating.  We use language to communicate with people around us daily.  Luckily for us our Heavenly Father gave us prayer so that we could have direct access to him anytime and any place that we choose.  Having direct access to the Heavenly Father is an awesome privilege to believers.  Utilizing this privilege brings us closer to our Heavenly Father and strengthens our relationship.  Regardless, of how we come to him in prayer, as long as we choose to reach out to him, we are doing what he set out for us to do, and that is to communicate with him!

For me as an earthly father, I have had the privilege of watching my little girl learn her earthly language recently.  What a delicate memory this has become.  Her soft little voice learning how to pronounce and enunciate has truly been a blessing to be a part of.  Watching her round her lips and pinch her cheeks as she prepares for the syllables needed for each letter.  Skipping some letters in order to make it to her favorite ones quickly is truly adorable.  How wonderful it is being fortunate enough to see this accomplishment she has made and being fortunate enough to smile and take time to make mental pictures that I store away into my memory bank!

How wonderful it is to experience a glimpse of the greatness our Heavenly Father creates.  Watching her as I do I am experiencing what God does for us, his earthly children, all day everyday.  He watches over us, loves us, forgives us and waits for us to reach out to him.  Whether we need him or we want to share something with him.  He waits, watches and loves us patiently.  Each prayer is received with love and blessings await all of us that believe!



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