My New Laptop – HP Business V1P74UT 14″ 640 G2 i7-6600U 8G 256GB

For all of you out there that use a laptop, whether for personal or business purposes, I have a recommendation for you!  Now, to set the record straight I am by no means the technical man of the group.  I know my way around the basics of Office and work with several databases at work analyzing and creating data.  However, nothing complicated or even that difficult.  My knowledge of how computers work, and the parts and technology lingo is definitely limited.  So with that being said, I can only recommend by using basic language, not techno mumbo jumbo!

One of the best gifts for father happens to be a reliable and multi versatile laptop.  HP makes a laptop that has proven itself to me to be one of the front runners of it’s class.  Previously, my laptop for work was an ASUS and man that was an excellent laptop.  However, the memory had almost ran out causing it to be slow.  This laptop lasted about 7 years which is about the average life expectancy of a heavily used machine.

With so many pictures and videos along with content needed to maintain blogs and websites and social media platforms for posting it all memory space is a must have.  This new HP Business V1P74UT 14″ 640 G2 i7-6600U 8G 256GB laptop has the perfect 8GB of memory.  The 14″ screen size is the perfect size and not too big or too small for reading.  With a lot of laptops the batter life is short and you don’t get but a few hours of use out of it.  The HP Business V1P74UT 14″ 640 G2 i7-6600U 8G 256GB laptop has over 10 hours of battery life.  That’s plenty of time for using without having to get out the cord.

If you are looking for a great gift for father or a reward for one of your employees, pick up the new HP Business V1P74UT 14″ 640 G2 i7-6600U 8G 256GB laptop!  Both father and or employee will be super thrilled to work on this amazing laptop!



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