Great Teachers Of God & Jesus – Hear Their Sermons & Read Their Books!

My local radio station is a great resource for spiritual uplifting and biblical teaching.  The cast of preachers are truly a wonderful resource to any believer.  Whether you are a new believer or a lifelong mature believer.  These preachers truly teach the Word of God from a biblical perspective and from the Holy Spirit perspective.  As a believer is God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit one has access to the greatest power on earth.  Learning about this power and how the relationship with God your Heavenly Father is the way to it’s access.  I have found that listening to these four preachers bring me a well balanced approach to aspects of Christian living.  Learning, leading, sharing, influencing and developing are all areas of spiritual and relationship growth.  These four pastors/teachers cover all angles for all levels of believers.

Chuck Swindoll, Tony Evans, Derek Prince and Joyce Meyer have shown me different personalities and styles of bringing the Word of God to the ears of those listening.  Each of them have a unique, interesting and humbling teaching style.  Religion and it’s barriers do not hold these teachers to anything.  Being free from religious strongholds enable the truth of Gods Word to break free and reach those listening.  With each of their teachings one is welcomed into their honest and loving way of bringing God’s gospel to each believer.

If you are in need of spiritual uplifting or simply want to deepen your knowledge of God’s Word you can find great teachings from each of these wonderful Christian leaders below!

Feel free to share with me in a comment, any other Christian leaders that you know of that bring positive holy influence to your life and I will pass those along in future posts.  Enjoy these teachings and I hope they help you become a better person and a better influence!

Charles Swindoll Sermons

Derek Prince Sermons

Ravi Zacharias Sermons

Joyce Meyer Sermons



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