Crazy Good Food – Shane’s Rib Shack – Gift Certificates Available!

My goodness … the food at Shane’s Rib Shack is sooooo good!

I took my wife and little girl there last night after a short visit to the mall.  I’m not sure which meat I would say is the best because it was all so wonderful!

My wife ordered their BBQ (pork) sandwich with slaw and it was delicious!  I ordered their sampler type meal which comes with fried chicken tenders, BBQ (pork) ribs (which has amazing smoky and peppered BBQ sauce) and grilled chicken (chopped) with their famous BBQ sauce.  How fantastic is that!  For my little one we ordered fried chicken tenders.  These tenders have the best “soft” but “not soft” crunch in their breader.  It is really unique to sum it up.  You’ll have to try it for yourself!

For sides, my wife got their regular fries, and it was green beans for my little one.  The green beans have a great “country” type seasoning to them that even little kids enjoy eating .. that says a lot.  Rounding up the sides for myself, were baked beans and macaroni and cheese with a great piece of buttered Texas toast!  You can read their full menu closest to you here.

Shane’s Rib Shack is a must eat at if you enjoy great BBQ, wings, and ribs!  The only thing I regret not trying was their deserts.  I’ll save that for the next trip!

Get a gift certificate to the nearest Shane’s Rib Shack !  This would be a great gift for father so that he can take his family out for a great meal!



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