“Lead Me To That Rock” – Gaithers Featuring The Oak Ridge Boys!

What a wonderful song by the Gaithers that features The Oak Ridge Boys titled “Lead Me To That Rock” .  This is truly a worship and praise song that will get your hands clapping and feet stomping!

I was introduced to Pentecostal worship and music as a freshman in high school.  Coming from the quiet pews of the Southern Baptist, the newly found clapping and praising was a total shock to me.  I had never seen such happiness and dislpay of worship in all of my previous church goings.  What a wonderful blessing I had found, seeing others display and manifest praise in the pews of God’s house!

My family and I were recently at a Cracker Barrel and I purchased a Bill Gaithers CDThe Gaithers are a contemporary and southern gospel group that I was introduced to through the Pentecostal denomination.  I learned how to clap my hands for God and lift my hands to God while singing and worshiping.  That it was ok to display affections while singing words of praise to our heavenly father.  Breaking down this barrier was a great achievement in my walk with Jesus as I had learned how to break the chains of contentment and fear in God’s house of worship.

Now 25 plus years later I am a father.  It is my duty to display this charismatic affection for the inspiration songs for my children.  They deserve to know early on the truth about worship and praise and to ignore the chains that certain Christian denominations and religious groups hold.

My children have seen me singing and clapping and praising our Father God in heaven and his son Jesus while listening to songs by the Gaithers and others.  Because of this, my two year old daughter when she gets in the truck with me says “Daddy I want to hear The Rock Song” .  During the song, she claps her hands, nods her head and sings her heart out.  Her display of singing is a true blessing for me to witness.  It warms my heart and assures my soul that our Jesus is present and our Holy Spirit is displaying it’s fruit of joy!

If you have children and want them to know about God the father, Jesus the son, and the Holy Spirit that is available, I urge you to use Christian music  as often as possible around them!  The rewards are unmeasurable!  Any CD set of The Gaithers is a wonderful Gift for Father!




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