“The Awe of God” – Just How Big and Great is God!

The creator of this world and galaxies among it certainly deserves to be worshiped. Being the worshiper is an honor. God made humans to be worshipers. Remembering this everyday is very hard as our personal lives often distract us from our original purpose.

Sometimes it is very hard to believe that as small as we are that God, the creator, really loves us or even listens to us. He tells us not to worry but to pray.  When we pray we are talking to him directly, through Jesus Christ his son.  The creator of every being, of every existence, of every planet, universe, star and galaxy tells us, not to worry about anything, but to talk to him in prayer!

The awe of God is quite amazing. Understanding and accepting his love everyday all days of your life is certainly something we have to be shown how to receive. Believing is the first step!

To see just how big and amazing God’s creation is please watch this short video titled “The Awe Factor of God”!  Remember, you and me and all humans are an integral part of his creation and the love he has for you and me is unconditional and never failing.  As life challenges you, don’t forget to run to the creator and source of love.  Run to him in prayer and talk to him.  In doing so, balance will come and peace in your life will triumph!

Video – “The Awe Factor of God”



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