Learn To Play The Ukulele For Christmas!

Well if you are like me you love music and would like to somehow create your own or at least participate somehow.  Growing up as a child I learned to read music for the trumpet and the baritone so reading music I do understand.  However, trying to learn to play a new instrument in my adulthood has been more of a dream that a pursuing reality.  One because it is a task that in order to achieve requires lots of time, persistence and dedication.  Finding the time as an adult is a real challenge.  Obviously a big factor of dedication requires time so without one you can’t have the other.

However, finding the right instrument might not be as hard as I had imagined.  My first thought was the obvious, the guitar.  Unfortunately, this is probably the hardest musical instruments to learn to play and requires lots of time and lots of devotion to succeed.  I have tried my best to get my fingers to pinch those guitar strings but unfortunately for me my fingers just can’t seem to hold all six of those strings down correctly.  I simply have been unable to find success in those six strings even though I love the guitar and hearing and watching others play it.  I am simply amazed when I watch a musician play the guitar at the effortless movement it seems to take.  Perhaps starting with the guitar isn’t the correct choice!

Shoot for the stars and land on the moon is a saying you have probably heard.  Well if I don’t have time or the finger skills for the six string guitar, maybe I need to refocus on the instrument of choice.  How about the Ukulele … now this is a great gift for father!?!?

The Ukulele has four strings and is a little shorter than the six string guitar.  Teaching my fingers to hold down four strings instead of six might just be the wisest choice.  Taking time to learn the Ukulele could be my way of getting back into music and the beginning steps that I need in order to learn how to play the guitar!  With the Ukulele one has to learn chords and strumming so I believe it could be the solution that I have been seeking!

I found this neat starter Ukulele, Kala Learn To Play Ukulele Starter Kit, Light Mahogany Stain, that comes with free online lessons, a quick start guide and a tuning app!  What a great way to get started strumming and picking.  If I can learn the basics from the four string Ukulele then perhaps one day I may even learn how to play a six string guitar!  Who knows, but for now I think this is a great gift for someone like me who would love to get started playing and making music with a string instrument!





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