WOW What A TV .. The NEC X981UHD 98″ LED Television!

What a magnificent television! 98″ screen television … holy cow!  This bad boy weighs almost 225lbs and would be an awesome gift for father!  This is perfect for any industrial setting, conferencing area or digital signage.  One that has a super security system to deter theft. On the other hand, it would be almost impossible for thieves to get this thing out of the door!

This display is 98″ with UHD (3840 x2160) resolution at full 60Hz.  State of the art innovation delivers 24/7 run times with high end components and LED back lighting.  The NEC X981UHD 98″ LED Television is definitely a prize possession for anyone!  If you are fortunate enough to own The NEC X981UHD 98″ LED Television definitely make sure to insure it and the dwelling it is in.  If you give it as a gift for father, make sure to remind him about insurance coverage.  Most likely homeowner’s policy will cover it, but you definitely want to make sure!



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