KOBE Japanese & Sushi .. All About The Rice!

After church on Sunday, my wife and daughter and I sometimes go out to eat.  Depending on our craving and our atmosphere mood usually determines where we choose.  Today it was Miso soup and sushi mood.  For my daughter it is usually Chicken Lo Mein and Miso soup as she loves the Japanese spoon and seaweed in the soup.  Not to mention part of her enjoyment of going to our local KOBE restaurant is watching the Koi fish swim around in the indoor Koi pond.

For my wife and I, we usually enjoy a couple of rolls of great sushi.  Her favorite is a roll filled with eel, crab, avocado, cream cheese, shrimp tempura and eel sauce.  Me, I like it all.  I’m still fairly new to the Japanese sushi menu, so anything and everything is appealing to me.  I will try it all!

The thing that I have learned about Japanese sushi is the key to making the best sushi roll is in the rice.  The quality and cook of the rice is truly what makes the roll the best.  Aside from the freshest ingredients, without great rice, the roll is poor.  Preparing the rice has to be done perfectly in order to achieve a top quality sushi roll.  Using  The NP-NVC10 5-1/2-cup Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker and Warmer is your best option on the market today.  This cooker is made in Japan by Zojirushi.  It is hands down the best rice cooker you can buy and would make a great gift for father.

The NP-NVC10 5-1/2-cup Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker and Warmer is the most intelligent rice cooker ever made.   Advanced fuzzy logic technology with Artificial Intelligence actually “learns” and adjusts the cooking cycle.  This generates perfect results every time.  The platinum infused nonstick inner cooking pan changes the quality of the water and allows rice to absorb water easily.  This creates a better tasting rice.  NP-NVC10 also includes multiple cooking functions, superior induction heating technology, an interchangeable melody.  For safety, the cooker has a pressure-control valve with a back-up safety valve and a pressure indicator on the control panel which locks the lid during pressure-cooking.   A rice spatula, two measuring cups  and a spatula holder come with it as well.  Your father would love this as a gift for father.




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