Father To Be Again – BellyBuds For Baby & Daddy To Be Frame!

At 31 weeks pregnant our family planned a trip to meet our newest family member.  Technology today in every industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few decades.  For women that are pregnant, technology has truly given them and their husband or boyfriend a blessing with ultrasound technology.  The technology that is being used today is called 3D/4D prenatal ultrasound.  In Morrisville, NC, serving all of the surrounding towns and cities within 100+ miles, Baby Bump 4D is the place to go for this experience.

At Baby Bump 4D you receive6-8 printed up close images of your baby along with a DVD and listening and watching the baby’s heartbeat.  You can learn the gender determination of the baby with their ultrasound technology.  There is plenty of space in their large theater-like viewing room that can accommodate seating for the whole family along with WiFi for family members who can’t make it.  This is a great opportunity to meet your new baby face to face and a great experience to share with your family.  What a wonderful gift for father and mother to be!

Now that we have witnessed God’s little miracle face to face and have had the privilege of getting pictures and a DVD it is time to showcase this beauty to others.  The Daddy to Be Ultrasound Picture Frame is the perfect way to show off your new gift from God.  This new blessing will surely bring joy each time you look at it while working from your home or office or anywhere in the house.  This gift for father allows you to choose the mat color and picture frame of the 8X10 Desktop Ultrasound Picture Frame.

At 31 weeks the baby is fully capable of hearing and beginning to form memories.  The little one has begun recognizing voices and listening too what is going on in the world inside the womb and outside in the real world.  It is now time to introduce our voices directly to her along with soothing music to help aid in the brain growth and development.  Using the BellyBuds (5th Generation) Prenatal Pregnant Headphones the little one will definitely have the chance to meet all of the loved ones waiting for it’s birth.  The Belly Buds headphones play music and voices for the brain development of our unborn baby.  The headphones are The Perfect Baby Shower Gift!




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